Lily The Killer Part 3Edit

Lily The Killer Part 3

(With Jane)Edit

"Uh, ow! What why does my head hurt?" Jane lifted her hand up to her head. She felt an enormous bump under her hand. "Ow, what the hell happened?!" She got up. She walked up the stairs and didn't know where she was. "What's this?" There was a note on the counter and it said.

Dear Jane,

It doesn't matter if your alive or not. I couldn't care less. I hope I threw you into the wall hard enough to kill you. If you still are alive i'll come back. I can't believe you were foolish enough to try and take me on. You should have known that you wouldn't win, and I swear if Lily dies because of you, and you'll pay! I'll be the one to enjoy the pain you're in because it'll look pretty damn funny! But I hope you are dead because I am done dealing with you!

Jeff The Killer

The writing was really sloppy and Jane could barely read it. Then she remembered fighting Jeff and cracking Lily's head open. She turned towards the door and walked out. When she got out there it was around evening beacuse the sun was just going down. "All I can remember is when I took Lily it was around 12 or something, have I really been out that long?" She walked back towards the direction she thought was the way back to her house. She was exausted and she struggled to walk right. "One day, just one day."

(With Jeff and Lily) Jeff was running back to their neighborhood with Lily, limp in his arms. "No no! Please Lily hang on for just a little longer please!" Jeff had tears running down his face. He nearly tripped a couple times over his own feet. "Lily can you still hear me?!" She did a small nod reasuring Jeff that she was still alive. Jane knocked her backwards and cracked her skull open on the concrete and Jane stabbed a hole straight in Lily's right lung. Her breaths grew more faint and her heartbeat was slowing. Jeff looked down at her and she became even more limp. Jeff knew she was dying, and it came quicker than he thought it would. Lily was basically fighting for her own life. He spead up and ran even faster. They came up to the neighborhood that Lily killed her first victim in. He didn't own a car so he decided to "borrow" one from there. He opened the back door and layed Lily down. He hopped in the front seat. There were no keys in but he knew how to hotwire a car. His dad had lost his keys to his car and he decided to howire it. He taught Jeff and Liu and they picked it up real fast. Their dad even let tem take joyrides around their neighborhood. This was before they moved. Then Jeff took the covering off and grabbed the two wires that could start the car. He rubbed them together and then the car started. He closed his door and drove to his house. He hopped out and ran into the house. They use to keep a spare map in one of the dores under the sink. He grabbed it and ran to the car. He jumped in and checked on Lily, she was still breathing. He put his seatbelt on and studied the map. Then he set it down on the seat next to him and slammed his foot on the gas pedal.

The car spead up and swerved a little and then drove straight. He drove a while and then he started to forget which way he was going. He pulled over and looked at the map one more time. He set it down beside him and started to pull out. While doing this a car maybe a couple yards away was speeding, so when Jeff pulled out the car crashed into the back of the one he borrowed. The car swerved off the road and hit a tree. Jeff hit his head of the steering wheel and blacked out. [5:20 P.M.] Jeff woke up. He lifted his head from the steering wheel and looked around. "Ah, what the fuck!" He lifted his hand up to his head and looked at it. It was coved in blood. "Shit." He opened the door and got out. He turned his head to the front of the car and saw the hood was smoking and he had crashed into a tree. He turned around. "Wait a minu..... Lily!" He looked into the window and saw Lily wasn't there. He opened the door to see if she might had rolled of the seat. She wasn't there either. He ran to the other side of the car. She wasn't lying there. "Lily? Lily! No no no no!!! You can't do this to me! You can't. He looked back to the hood and saw he couldn't fix it. "Forget about the goddamn car!" Then he turned and ran back the way they came from. (With Jane) "Ahahaha!! I warned him." She turned towards a body chained up to a table."Didn't I Lily?" Jane laughed evily and turned back around to face this table that had surgical tools on it. A bonesaw, scalpel, clamps, and someother tools.

Jane walked over to the table that Lily was chained to. She stared at Lily for a couple minutes. Lily's chest wound stopped bleeding but her head still bled. Lily started to groan and then she opened her eyes. Her eyes adjusted to the light that hung over her head. She moved her eyes to the right and saw a fimiliar face. Or was it a face? Maybe a mask? Then it hit her. It was a mask. The same mask that she saw a while ago. A mask worn by a killer, Jane the killer. She struggled to move and then she saw she was chained to the table. "Let me go Jane!" Lily growled. "Nope, not until you learn your lesson." "For what?!" "For trusting a monster like him!" "He not a monster! He's my friend." "Tsk Tsk Tsk. Wrong answer." Jane reached over to the table with the tools on it. She grabbed a scalpel, held it over her head and stabbed it into Lily's calf. Lily screamed. Blood ran from the cut onto the table. "Learned your lesson yet?" "Fuck you." Jane snickered. "You want to see what your "friend" did to me?" "Okay, yeah, uh-huh." Jane removed her wig and mask. Lily was surprised. Jane pointed to her face. "See this? Do you see this? This is what your friend did to me! He burned me with gasoline. I could have died! Yet you still take his side." "Oh, i'm so sorry Jane I.." "Not only did he nearly kill me but he killed my parents and my best friends!" "He....he did that to me too, only..." "Yeah, yeah he killed your sister I know." Jane interupted. Jane pulled the scalpel from Lily's leg and put a rag on it. She unchained Lily and helped her off the table. "See I don't want you to be friends with him anymore, he has put you life in danger to many times now!" Lily agreed with her. "Yeah."     

(With Jeff) "LILY! LILY WHERE ARE YOU!" He ran back to his house but he stopped mid-way in his tracks because his front door and all the windows were wide open. He cocked his head. "What the fuck?" He walked in. He saw that here was a trail of blood leading upstairs. He thought "What the hell is all this blood from?" He walked up the steps and slipped but caught himself. "I need to be more careful." He hoisted himself up by using the railing. When he got to the top he saw the blood was leading to the bathroom. "What the?" He walked to the bathroom and opened the door. He saw Lily sitting on the edge of the bathtub. He stood there. He knew something wasn't right about her. She looked up at him. "You wanna know something?" She stood up. "I realized your an asshole." Jeff was seriously confused. "What?" "I should have done this a long time ago." Lily walked up to Jeff. She leaned towards him and a sharp pain went through his stomach. He looked down and Lily pulled a knife from his stomach. She whispered in his ear. "Thanks for everything." and she stabbed him deeper in his stomach. He pulled back and pulled the knife out. He ran down the hall and slipped on the blood down the steps. He landed on his face. He got up and turned around. At the top of the steps was Lily holding her knife. She smiled. She threw it at him and him and he caught it. He threw it down and ran out the front door. He stopped. There he was face-to-face with Jane. She ran up to him and stabbed him. But thistime he got stabbed in his side. He pulled the knife out and ran past her. He ran until he was out of sight. Lily was standing in the doorway. She had smile across her face. Jane walked up to her. "Thanks." "No problem." "For being so foolish!" Her eyes widened. Jane stabbed her too. Lily looked up. She pulled the knife out of her arm. "You fucking bitch! I turned on my only friend because of you!" Then she took the knife and shoved it through one of Jane's eye. Jane screamed and Lily ran away. Lily turned back and Jane wasn't there but her mask was left in Jeff's driveway.

Lily looked back with tears filling her eye. She cried out "Jeff! I'm so sorry!" Then she stopped. There was a note on the ground. She wiped her eyes trying to clear her vision. The note she saw had a circle with an X inside of it witten in red. She looked up and saw something moving. She squinted and saw a figure. She moved closer. She saw something white. "J..Jeff? Is that you?" She stood there in confusion. It didn't reply. Then it turned towards her. She backed up. Whatever it was, it wasn't Jeff.

(With Jeff) He walked aimlessly though remains of a forest. He just barely remembered this place. There was voices in his head saying things like "Go back for Lily dumbass!" or "What are you walking through here for? Go back for her!" but his conscious was telling him "You can't trust her! She helped you enemy for god's sake!" He yelled at himself "Shut the fuck up and let me think for a second!" He shook his head of all the voices. "Ugh! I can't just be walking around feelin sorry for my fucking self!" Jeff sighed. "I need a drink." Jeff started to walk out of the ruins when he heard someone crying. "What?" Then he saw a girlish-figure. "The fuck?" He moved closer. He saw a white hoodie with dark brown hair under it. He pulled his knife out just incase. The girl looked up to reveal cuts and scrapes all over her face. "Lily? Are you all right?" She fell to her knees and covered her eyes. She started to sob harder. Jeff saw that her sleeve was soaked with blood. "I..I..." She stuttered. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Jeff! I am an idiot! I should have never trusted her! She lied to me a...and I hurt you because of it!" Jeff pulled her close to him. "It's fine. I'm not mad. It's techniqually not your fault. It was Jane's." She tried to calm herself but she couldn't. she was crying to hard. "By the way, don't worry I'll always be there to comfort you when you need a friend." She smiled and hugged him tight. She rested her head on his shoulder for a minute and whispered in a soft voice "I love you so much. You treat me as if I was your sister or something. I could have hurt you real bad if you didn't feel pain and yet you don't care. I'm a dumbass for letting her get to my head." Jeff shook his head. "No your not. Your still young and so is your mind. It's still trying to learn new things, you know." She nodded. He lifted her head up and wiped her tears. "You know what?" "Hm?" "You wanna get a drink?" "Where?" "At a bar." "Uh, um, Jeff." "Yeah?" "I'm only 14." "So? Just tell them "Oh i'm so sorry that I was born this way or if it affends you in any way!" and act all mad or something." "Okay."

Jeff and Lily both got up and walked out of the ruins. The way there Jeff asked Lily some questions. "Lily what did she tell you for you to stab me twice?" Water started to fill her eyes up again. "Please Jeff, I don't want to talk about. I feel like a complete idiot for hurting you and it hurts me just thinking about it." Jeff stopped. He grabbed Lily wrist. "Look, look at me. I am not dead. I am fine. That kind of thing, getting stabbed, stopped hurting when I was 13. I couldn't feel pain since then. Unless you shatter any of my bones. Especially my legs. It'll hurt like a motherfucker if I try and walk on it." Lily held back her tears the best she could. "Okay, well she told me you burned her with gasoline and then she took her wig and mask off. Then she told me that you put my life in danger to many times now. That's when I let her get to me and I agreed with her." She couldn't hold back the tears any longer. Tears fell from her eyes onto the cold concrete. "I'm sorry for doing that." "Yeah, yeah. I know. Again it's okay, i'm not mad." Then they continued walking. "Also, where did all that blood come from?" "Uh, my leg. Jane shoved a scalpel in my calf and it continued to bleed for a while. I don't know if it still is now. I haven't payed any attenion to it ever since she did it. I was just determined to get away from her when she stabbed me." "Okay and one more thing?" "Sure, what is it?" "You promise not to trust anyone but me now?" "Yes." She put one hand over her heart and held up the other. "I promise." "Okay. Thank you." "Uh-huh."                                                 

After finishing there conversation they arrived. When the got inside they walked all the way to the very back and sat in a cornor booth. Lily put her hood up and kept her head down. This one man kept on looking at her and wouldn't keep his eyes off her. She started to get pissed. "Uh, Jeff that guy." She pointed to the man. "Won't stop starting at me." "Oh, well give him a few minutes and see if he's going to stop. If he doesn't i'll take care of it." "Alright thanks." "Yep." The guy didn't stop. She had enough, stood up and yelled "Hey! You know what? Keep you fucking eyes to yourself!" The music stopped and all eyes where on her. Jeff gestured her to sit down but she ignored him. "Why does this seem so fimiliar?" Jeff thought to himself. "Oh? And whatchu gonna do?" asked the man. "You won't wanna find out!" Lily yelled back. "Lily sit down!" Jeff put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her down. After a couple more minutes of silence the music resumed and everyone turned their gazes back to the previous things they were doing. Lily started to close her eyes. Jeff looked at her. "Do ya, wanna go home?" "No i'll let you get your drink or drinks whichever then we'll go." "Okay." He do you mind if I ge something to eat? Im starving." "Oh shit! I forgot you still have to eat. Yeah sure." "Ok thanks." "Your welcome." The bartender walked over and handed them menus. "What can I get you two?" "Uh, let me see. Um, can I have a Blue moon please?" "Sure and what can I get ya son?" "A bottle of Scotch." "Okay they'll be right out for you." "Okay thanks."

"Hey Jeff i'm going to go to the bathroom to splash some water on my face to try and stay awake." "Okay." She pulled her knife out of her pocket and set it on the seat by Jeff. "No, no, no. Take your knife with you." "Why?" "Incase of." He pointed to the guy that was looking at Lily. "He follows you." "Oh, okay." Jeff picked up the knife and handed to Lily. She took it and put it in her pocket. She walked into the bathroom and walked over to a sink. She turned on the hot water and cupped her hands. She leaned close to the sink and splashed some water on her face. She cupped her hands again and rubbed the water on her face, cleaning out her cuts. She grabbed a paper towel and wiped her face. She threw it away and walked out. Waiting for her outside was that man that was eyeing Lily. He put his hand over her mouth and grabbed ahold of her hair. He drug her out the back door. She reached in her pocket. She said to herself "Thanks so much Jeff!" She took out her knife and stabbed the man in the arm causing him to let go of her hair. She backed away from him. He pointed to her "Listen here, you made a huge scene right infront of everyone in the bar. So.... your going to pay." She rolled her eyes and got into an attack stance. "Oh yeah? Well then, come at me." He came running at her. She jumped up and landed behind him. He turned around and she stabbed him in his neck. "Yeah, no. I'm not going to pay. You're the who payed for your stupidity."  He fell to the ground. He looked at her. She laughed. Then she pulled the knife out of his neck and walked back to the bar.

She walked to the back and sat back down. "Hey, where have you been?" He held up an empty whiskey bottle."I had two of these things." "I had to deal with that man, by the way, thanks for having me take my knife or I might have not gotten away." "Yep sure." Lily drank her Blue Moon in silence. She waited for Jeff to finish. They walked home. "Hey Jeff." "What?" Do you have any movies?" "I don't know. I think why?" "Can we watch one or something?" "Sure I guess. Hey wait." "What?" "You asked me if you could get something to eat but you never did." "Oh yeah I forgot. Eh, it's alright." "No here." Jeff walked up the steps and came down with a two $20 dollar bills. "No, i'll be fine Jeff, really." "No you'll starve." "I'm not going now. I'll go in the morning." "Fine then." Jeff searched for any kind of movies. He held one up. "How about this." She read the case. "The Conjuring?" "Yeah this is all I could find." "Sure that's good." Jeff walked over to the T.V. He took the movie out of the case. He turned on the DVD player and inserted the DVD. He turned on the T.V. and they both sat down on the couch. The movie started and they started to watch it. About 45 minutes into the movie Lily fell asleep. She was resting her head on the back of the couch until it slipped andlanded into Jeff's lap. He quickly pulled his hands up. He looked down at her. He looked at the back of the couch and there was a blanket on the back. He unfolded it and covered Lily with it. Jeff continued to watch the movie. He rested on hand on the arm of the couch and the other on her shoulder.

There was a loud crack of thunder and it started to rain. Lily jumped at the sound of the thunder. She shivered. She opened her eyes and looked out the window. she saw it was raining. Then she shifted her eyes to the left and saw Jeff. She turned her head and smiled at him. "Don't worry it was just the weather outside. You can go back to sleep." "Okay Jeff." Lily said in a gentle whisper. She sat up and gave him a hug. Jeff reached over and grabbed a pillow and set it on his lap. Lily set her head on it and fastly fell asleep again. It was soon morning. Lily woke up. She opened her eyes slowly. She saw that she was still on the couch. She was also still on Jeff. She turned her head. Jeff had his mask on. He shifted his head forward and put his mask on his forehead. He looked down at her. Lily started at his aqua blue eyes. "Wow." He chuckled. "What?" "Remember when you brought me here?" "Um, after.....?" "The window insident." "Ah, well I hope to never forget." Lily sat up. "Well I...I. I love your eyes. There so.. um... beautiful." She broke from her stare and stood up. She walked over to the door and opened it. Then she walked out. " what are you doing?" He walked out and stood on the steps. "I'm..." She streched. "Streching. I also needed some fresh air." Jeff did a slight nod and reached into his pocket. He handed her the two 20's from yesterday. Then he handed her a list. "Get these for me." She read the list off. "Bleach, lighter, fire extingisher, a bunch of wrapping bandages, cloth." She was shocked. "Jeff, what this for?" Her voice was quivery. "Just get it for me and get yourself some food." "Uh, Okay." Jeff reached into his pocket again and handed her a knife. "Jeff I don't need it. I'm just going to the store." "Well it's just incase you want to go have a little fun. Plus I sharpened it for you. It was really dull." She took the knife. She looked down at her arm and dragged the blade across it. Her arm started to bleed. "Okay thanks."

She turned around and started walking. Jeff turned around aswell. He walked into the house. "Okay, okay got to get ready." Jeff said. "Wait." He ran out the door. "LILY WAIT!" She turned around. He slowed his running down. "Here." He handed her a phone. "What the.. who's phone is this?" "It's my mom's old cell phone. The house phone is already programmed in there it'll be marked under my name." She checked the phone. "Okay got it." She put it in her pocket. "Okay i'll be back Jeff." They both turned opposite directions. All of the sudden the cell phone starts to ring. Jeff stopped. He turned around and walked back up to her. He put his hand in her pocket and grabbed the phone. "Home?" He turned to the house. He answered it. "Hello? Hello!" "Hi Jeff." Said a voice. "Who, who is this?!" "Why don't you come find out." Jeff put the voice on speaker. "How did you get this number?" "Oh, Jeff don't you think that I would know our own mom's number?"

Lily gasped. Jeff stared at the phone. "L..Liu?" "Aww, cmon Jeff. You seriouly didn't know by my voice?" "Liu I thought you were..." "Yeah, probably. Well arn't you going to come see me?" "Yeah hold on Liu." He hung up. Jeff turned and was about to run but Lily grabbed his arm. "Jeff, no. What if it's Jane?" "Well what if it's Liu?!" "How could it be him?! You said you stabbed him!" "Yeah but... what if he survived?" "Jeff I would know." "What?" "Where did you stab him?" "I can't remember!" "Well if it was near a vein then it's less likely he's alive, its probably Jane because I stabbed her in her eye and she wants to get revenge." "Well if it is i'll kick her ass all over again!" "Jeff can I ask you something?" "Sure, what?" "When you were fighting Jane it seemed like you were struggling, why?" "I was not struggling!" "Uh, yeah you were." "No I wasn't okay!" "Yeah... whatever you say." Jeff mumbled something. "What?" "Nothing, don't, don't worry about it." Lily crossed her arms. "I was just worried about you." "Aww." Lily pulled out her knife and smiled. "Let's go find out who this is." "You seem like you get more and more excited everytime you could kill something." "Hell yeah! It's fun!" "Alright. Let's go." They walked to the house. Jeff opened the door and walked in. "Oh my...." "God!" "Liu, it's it's really you!" "Duh." Liu looked at Lily and pointed to her. "Jeff, who is this?" "She's a friend." "A killer too?" "Yeah." "Jeff! Why is she a killer, did you cause it or was she one already?" "I c..." "I was already one!" Lily interupted. Jeff looked over to Lily. "Yeah. I was already one." Liu walked up to Lily and looked into her eyes. Jeff watched as he did it. Lily blushed and looked at Jeff. "Uh...." "Your lying. I can tell." Liu stood up straight. "And Jeff you lied to me aswell." Liu slapped Jeff. "How could you lie to me?" "I wasn't I was about to tell you and she interrupted!"

Liu looked over to Lily then back to Jeff. "Alright then sorry. What's her name?" "Lily." "Ah Lily, that's a pretty name." "Thanks." "So you cause her to turn killer?" Jeff nodded. "Yes." "Why Jeff? Not everyone in the world can be like you." "I know. She's special. Not like all the other ones. They just run and scream." "I did run Jeff." "Well you were willing to jump out a window to get away from me." "And?" "It's amazing." "Well Jeff by the looks of it, you like Lily." Jeff's eyes widened. "What?! N... no! She's just a friend!" "M-hm." "Liu shut up." "Excuse me Lily but can I talk to Jeff in private?" "Um, sure." Lily walked outside. "Jeff it's okay, do you like her?" Jeff looked away.  "Aww Jeff, good for you." "What?" "You don't like her?" "As a friend yes, as a girlfriend no." Jeff and Liu looked over towards the door and saw Lily standing there. "Lily. Did you hear it all?" "Most yeah." "I'm sorry Lily but it's true." "No it's fine. Why would I care?" Jeff thought "Wow." "But anyway it's nice to meet you Liu." "Yeah, same." Lily walked over to the couch and sat down. Jeff and Liu watched her walk over. "God i'm an idiot." "No your not Jeff." "Well how was I suppose to know she was going to be there!?" "I don't know. That's what I mean it's not your fault."